I have a confession to make. I have stopped shampooing my hair…What? Yup – you read that right. I have basically stopped shampooing my hair. I stopped right around New Years. I know what you are thinking. Do I look as though I have fallen on hard times? Nope!

So what gives? After I had my daughter last fall, my scalp became more irritated than it has ever been. It was so dry and itchy while I was shedding a ton of postpartum hair. I had a constant layer of big flakes of skin from my scalp falling on my shoulders. Yuck!  As we headed into winter, I kept waiting for it to get better. Due to the dry air, it only got worse.

Shampoo’s like…detergent?

So I set out to do some research. Turns out there is a lot of yucky stuff in shampoo. It actually isn’t that different from laundry detergent. Would you put the same stuff you use to clean your whites on your hair? I also began reading a lot of stories about people who had stopped shampooing entirely. At first I thought they were crazy! But the more I read, the more it made sense. Your hair has natural oils that help keep it clean and healthy. When you shampoo, you strip those oils away and then your hair becomes “dirty,” therefore needing more shampoo. Vicious cycle, huh?

Showers without suds

I have naturally curly hair. Years ago, I discovered that I couldn’t wash it every day. It became too dry and frizzy, so I washed it every 2-3 days. In January, I decided I would try to stretch that window and see what happened. It was definitely an adjustment, as my hair started overproducing natural oils…I think it was in shock.

But over 4-6 weeks it leveled off, and almost four months later my hair looks great. I do “clean” it with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse about once a week, but that is it. The only other product I use is a little coconut oil to calm the frizzies when it is dry.

So has anyone noticed? I have asked a few people if they have noticed, including my husband who I purposely didn’t tell. He was surprised and had no clue.

I still shampoo it occasionally. I’ll shampoo after swimming to get the chlorine out or at the beauty salon. Having someone shampoo my head and massage my scalp feels amazing, so I am not willing to give that up.

How about you?  Do you shampoo?