Without your stuff, who are you?


I recently saw a commercial for Norton protection services and while it absolutely offers a good reminder to back-up important things saved on your computer, I found its message a bit unsettling. In case you’d like to follow along, here is the commercial. Norton suggests that you should protect the items saved on your computer […]

Time to get your groove on


What is your celebration groove? Dance, move, jump, twirl – allow the laughter of being youthful to enter your day. Whether 17 or 87, let the wonders of your existence be filled with joy. Whether physically challenged or strong and empowered, allow the glory of YOU to be seen. Your body is a vessel to […]

Laugh at yourself and let others do it too – fear begone!

fear of embarassmentimages

Not so recently my husband of 21 years and I decided to shake it up and choose a new activity to share instead of dinner or a movie. We love comedy shows so we decided to sign up for an improv class at Stevie Ray’s Comedy Club. To give you a little perspective, I wouldn’t […]

The buzzing in my brain


I saw a t-shirt in a Bayfield, WI store window this past summer that made me laugh out loud. It said: “I don’t have ADHD, I just—hey, look at that squirrel!” This is my life. Filled to the brim, and then some. I’m trying to get a handle on it, but—hey, was that my email […]

Feel the power


 Defined as: great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force Feel the POWER. Personal power is what we use to make a change. Personal power is what we use to bring others along. Our personal power is the combination of our talents, passions, expertise and strengths. Understand what motivates you to be your best. Understand […]

Burning the candle at only one end

candle one endimages

Us women are amazing. We really try to do it all….at least I sure do! And I pay the price. I’m fried, overwhelmed, exhausted, and miserable! And I keep lying to myself that I will slow down. Despite the hetic pace I maintain, I have found a way to keep from frying to a crisp. […]

40 Something surprises


My 40′s did not begin with a surprise. Yep, NO surprise party. [Yes, dear husband, you were supposed to plan that one. But you are right, I would have gotten upset when I discovered your plans prematurely and subsequently found out that you ordered a cake without my input on filling flavor. Well, there’s always […]

Does it seem like everyone wants a “piece” of you?


How do you find you? Deadlines, due dates, plans and proposals; the world waits for no one. When others push, when we feel blocked; we need to stand firm. It is up to us to fill our life bucket. It is up to us to replenish the joy that will fill our heart. Embrace what […]

Mentoring relationships through adulthood

Building invigorating relationships that last

Back in the day, when I was young and just getting started, mentoring wasn’t quite the phenomenon it is now. It hadn’t really entered schools or the workplace yet. I had counselors, teachers, advisers, and assorted higher-ups, but no one I ever really thought of as a mentor. By the time I was in my […]

Taking time to smell the roses


Smell, defined as: to perceive the odor or scent of through the nose SMELL the roses. The sense of smell is an interesting experience. It can bring you back in time; it can cause instant emotion of either good or distress. Push yourself to be aware of the scents around you. Connect with your reaction […]