Defined as: purpose of an action  Set your GOAL high! Your goal aims you in the direction or purpose of your life. Shoot High! Dream Huge! Plan Big! Run Hard! Believe you can, believe you will. Your first and most critical objective, in successful goal planning, is to believe in what you are working […]



Defined as: an act of helpful activity; the performance of any duties or work for another Demonstrate a life of SERVICE. Live a life serving others. Develop a life giving your very best. Enlarge your life to share your blessings and abundance. Some people make a career in the service industry. Others make a life, […]

How to healthily love an addict


You can love an addict. The police were called; the loved one was taken away. The drugs and alcohol had one too many negative reactions. We see this scene on TV, we see this scene in our neighborhood, and some see this scene in their own home. The pain and anguish of losing a loved […]

Housework is not your job!


Read an excerpt from Think: Straight Talk For Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World by our featured author, Lisa Bloom.  In the twenty-first century there are still commercials featuring women delightedly dancing around their bathrooms with their new soap-scum products, singing along with animated characters. In real life, we’d call these women deranged. Any […]

Fake it…. feel it…. be it!


Faking it: Have you ever faked it?  Now get your mind out of the gutter! Seriously, have you ever pretended to know how to do something and been successful? There  were times as a student coach I felt I needed to trust and act as if I was  confident with the process and my abilities. […]

Discipline sets me free to fly

mary poppins

“Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it’s a kind of order that sets me free to fly.”  -Julie Andrews I have the above saying by Julie Andrews posted in my office. Discipline is something I struggle with, and I attribute these struggles to being creative in nature and often spread too thin. “Creativity” and […]

Do You Believe Your Thoughts Are Energy?


Think about that…..you think positive thoughts and sometimes if you are like many people those darn negative ones pop in there occasionally too. At least I hope it’s occasionally! Thoughts when conveyed by converting them into language are actually how we create our reality. Heavy stuff I know but once you are aware of this […]