Melissa Harrison

About Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison is CEO and principal of Allée, a marketing, branding and creative services company in the Twin Cities. She is also a mother of four, a certified fitness instructor and a book junkie.

How I grew to love fitness


In my life, I’ve worked out for myriad different reasons: to lose weight, to train for a 5k, to look fabulous in my wedding dress, to take off unwanted baby pounds. However, it wasn’t until three years ago that I really started to enjoy my daily fitness routines. I went from a girl who would […]

Budget basics: Handling finances under life’s pressures


No matter what “they” say, times are still tough for many of us playing catch up from the Great Recession. In my house, we moved from two incomes to one (and added two more children to the mix during that time). So, how do I keep the finances in control without stressing out big time […]

Reflection at work


I’m a very process-oriented person. I see a task, I make a list, I walk through the process of what needs to be done to complete said task and then I check it off my list. However, there are times when sticking with the process just to get things done can hinder a bit of […]

The money harvest: How to stretch a dollar

How to stretch a dollar

Don’t you wish money grew on trees? Maybe then I wouldn’t mind so much when the leaves fall in my yard and I have to rake them up. A yard full of rake-able money? Yes, please! OK, OK, I know it’s not all about the money, but in these economic times (yes, there are still […]

Fall family traditions

Fall Leaves

Fall is hands-down my favorite time of year. The weather, the colors, the activities; they’re all wonderful. So when I was asked to write this post about fall traditions I was excited to share what makes me smile–what our family does–each year when fall hits. Below are four of my family’s fall traditions: Football rivalries […]

Renew your career goals and replenish your motivation


Whether you are just starting out in the workforce, are looking to re-enter after some time off or are contemplating a career change, it’s important to set goals and check points for yourself. And with everything else we, as women, have going on in our daily lives, sometimes that can be difficult to do. This […]

Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies?


As I write this, it’s a Saturday, and I’m working (well, not currently, because I’m writing this post, but you get the idea). I’m sitting in my living room, looking out at the beautiful summer day and thinking about how nice it would be to hang outside or do anything besides work. I’m kind of […]

4 ways to keep your party & gift budgets in check

06192012_4 ways to keep your party  and gift budget in check_Harrison

Last month, my 7-year old was invited to seven birthday parties. That’s more than one party each weekend—sometimes even more than one party on one day! Being a mother of four, I know all too well that allowing my kids to go to birthday parties adds up—quickly. And, if we assume you’re a “yes” person like me […]

3 messages my kids hear every day


I am a busy working mother with four small children all under the age of 7 years. At times, I certainly feel the “mom guilt” when my children are asking me to stay and play as I’m heading off to a meeting. And unlike many working mothers I know, I’m lucky that my husband is […]

Why I love my work


Today is a hard day. At first, I thought of backing out of writing this post because, well, at this moment I’m not loving my work. Do I love being a business owner? Yes. Am I grateful for the success I’ve experienced over the years? Yes. Do I wish I could just “clock out” and […]